Meet The New Blog. Same As The Old Blog.

"BRAND NEW PACKAGING! Same old, we mean...same GREAT product!!!"


An introduction
Product advertising never ceases to amaze me, and not always because it's exciting or innovative. I often shake my head at the ridiculous, lame attempts companies make to try to trick consumers into attaching a high value to something based solely on packaging or ad copy.

I obviously paraphrased the quote above for comic effect, but it is very close to what manufacturers actually say from time to time, in what IMO is a bizarre attempt to change (or continue) your buying and spending habits by somehow convincing you an item is significantly more desirable simply because it's in a new box.

So, what has all this nonsense got to do with me? Funny you should ask. It seems I happen to find myself in the fun position of migrating my OLD BLOG (along with everything else!) to the new, exciting, improved Photo Asylum here on Squarespace!

And so, yes, you are about to get...wait for it...the same old crap in a BRAND NEW PACKAGE!

Now do you get the connection???

Hopefully, the difference here is that I'm not trying to get you to waste your time on something that isn't as good as I want you to think it is. In my case, I firmly believe that same old crap actually means same old REALLY GOOD crap! Not only that, but I think I can honestly change that to same GREAT product! and not feel guilty that I'm scamming you with smoke and mirrors...

With that in mind, I want to emphasize that while there might not be any specific topics for me to talk about today, there will be soon! And whether you're a long-time reader or new fan, whether you've followed one of my links, searched me out on the web, or just accidentally stumbled onto this site or page through no fault of your own, I welcome you and want to give you an idea of what you'll discover here in the exciting year ahead.

Time to retire the old blog banner...

Time to retire the old blog banner...

First of all, I've decided to resurrect the name PADDED CELL, a time-honored section of The Photo Asylum from years past. On my older web sites (in the pre-blog days), The Padded Cell has always been a place for me to express things outside of the box. Odd topics and items that might stray or be a bit distracting from my normal business and art projects.

To give you a better idea, here's the old description I used to use for The Padded Cell:

Think of this as the place you keep old Aunt Martha locked up. The attic, or better yet, under the stairs. Oh, all right...nothing that severe! More like the midway at a carnival. Here you'll find my personal pages: stories behind some of my photos, writing that reflects my somewhat off-center way of thinking, and other assorted shenanigans. Come and watch me perform...

Odd and funny, but makes sense, right? Now let's jump ahead to the present day.

The more I thought about it (especially as I had to design both a new site and a new blog), the more I figured: isn't that what I really want my blog to be? My answer was yes! And so, I've decided to incorporate all kinds of cool personal and business stuff in one place using my blog under the Padded Cell umbrella.

It's a title that I think fits my personality perfectly.

What to expect

Gallery Projects -  A major part of my career are my various gallery projects. I will continue to spend much of my time on photographic artwork: images whose main purpose is to be exhibited and enjoyed by viewers. Look to this blog for posts that have me sharing all aspects of the process: from ideas, to editing and creating, to discovering and finding audiences, to specifics of gallery shows and events.

Commercial Projects - My primary interaction with people and places in the community will always be my love of fashion and portrait photography. Sometimes this work will overlap with my gallery artwork, but regardless, all my commercial projects involve intense networking and teaming up with some of the most creative talent in the industry. Here I will offer very timely posts that will show who I have the pleasure of working with and photographing and why. Oh, and just FYI, if I'm searching for help on any of my shoots, be it model casting, or styling, or photo assisting, or location or something gear-related, you will most likely read it here first.

Photo Asylum Moving Pictures - Easily the most exciting new direction I find myself immersed in. Photo Asylum Moving Pictures (or PAMP for short) is the video extension of ALL of the various still work I've done up to this point. This includes fashion and music videos, time lapse footage, artistic imagery, behind-the-scenes pieces, magazine stories, and personality profiles. And more! And everything I do through PAMP will require the collaboration of many amazingly gifted individuals to make it work. All my motion projects will be showcased here on my blog.

My story-telling ability and cinematic style of shooting stills over the years has helped make my transition to motion seamless.

My story-telling ability and cinematic style of shooting stills over the years has helped make my transition to motion seamless.

Photo Asylum 101 - My ongoing photography tutorial series will try to explain to you in about five minutes things that sometimes took me twenty years to finally figure out or understand. Some of these topics will be common sense, some not-so-common, some are rules, some are rules intentionally broken, some are nuts and bolts, some have nothing to do with gear or technique. None are etched in stone, and are offered merely as advice or suggestions.

Re-posts of older topics - Aside from the fact that doing this makes things easier for me when I'm too lazy to come up with new blog ideas, re-posting older blog entries is a valuable way to re-emphasize important topics and subjects. And I don't just mean Thursday throwbacks! Look for me to dredge up things I've talked about before and talk about them again.

Off-topic - What fun would my blog be if I never varied from the straight & narrow? Off-topic, eh...topics hold a place near and dear to my heart, and just as I love to gab about just about anything out there in the real world, I've always made it a point to go off on tangents from time to time on my blog. Thankfully, in today's magical web world of keywords and labels, if you're not interested, you can easily either avoid these posts altogether, or specifically focus in on them (if you are) to enjoy the change of pace.

And so
And so, there you have it. A quick rundown of what to expect as this blog picks up speed and barrels into the exciting unknown of what lies ahead for me in the weird world of The Photo Asylum. As always, your comments and suggestions are more than welcome.

PS - a tip of the cap to Pete Townsend for inspiring today's blog post title...