Fashion Shoot Casting Call - Industrial Beauty Shots for SNAP! Orlando Show in May

UPDATE! This fashion shoot has been POSTPONED until JUNE 1ST. I will post again soon with more details and possibly a link to an updated casting page. The theme will remain the same.


While it's been a unique and constant challenge to get my fashion career back up and running while based in rural Lake County, Florida, sometimes circumstances arise that I hope might possibly help things along.

Fashion photography, at least on a highly artistic level, means constantly collecting and assembling all of the many separate pieces that go into the creative process. Final images are a completed puzzle made from combining models, stylists, hair, makeup, wardrobe, locations, and lighting. All are elements, skills, talents, and human personalities that need to be woven together seamlessly.

Your shoot, while ultimately an end from a means, is also a living, breathing process, and as such you always need to be ready to change gears and go to plan B, or even plan C, substituting people or changing locations, dates, or times, often in the blink of an eye.

My point is, I am always thinking of ideas, casting people, looking for stylists, discovering wardrobe, and scouting locations for shoots. It is a never-ending process, and in a market like Central Florida, one not known for having too many folks interested in edgy or artistic fashion, when testing, it is almost always about trying to convince people to shoot my ideas.

So, when I got an email recently from SNAP! Orlando calling for photo submissions for an upcoming gallery exhibition, I immediately thought that it makes a great excuse to organize a test fashion shoot and create new work to be considered for the show.

And that gives me a little more of a selling point, at a time when promising people incredible photos just doesn't seem to be enough...

What I Have
Basically, I have a factory/industrial setting in nearby Leesburg, a large open space, and I'm looking to style my model in either a couture or formal vintage look, the clash of opulence within the degraded scene creating a tension and thereby a dramatic impact in the photos. The available lighting through the large old windows in incredibly soft and beautiful.

So, what we're talking about is pretty much classic beauty (meaning close-up shots) and editorial fashion looks, but they'll be in a themed setting that's a little funky.

What I Need
The model I need for this look has to be a long and lean female, with a very strong cover girl face. "Strong" as in beautiful. Long hair is a plus, as we plan to do an up do with some flow and movement to the hair. Makeup will be heavy classic/retro to match the wardrobe. Nice hands are a must for closeup shots. Height is flexible, and age should be twenty-something. No younguns - a grown up beautiful woman.

Ethnic models are fine as this theme is broad and I will know whom I want when I see her...

Where and when?
As of now, the shoot is scheduled for Friday, May 1st. First call is most likely around noon, and expect the shoot to last three or four hours. This a tradeout test, meaning we all trade our talent and time for the final pictures, and in this case we will also all be featured in the SNAP! gallery show. Hair/mua, wardrobe, and accessories will all be provided.

Anything else?
Assuming the model I cast is not from this immediate area (Lake County), I'll provide travel expense money of $50. Behind-the-scenes shots are ok to post on social media, but actual finished photos from this shoot will NOT be released to anyone until after the SNAP! Orlando gallery shows opens next month.

Here are the details of the casting as posted in Model Mayhem: PhotoAsylum Model Mayhem Casting Listing

So, while I am very particular how my model looks for this shoot, I have no qualms whatsoever how I go about finding her. Agency, no agency, Model Mayhem or some other model site, a relative, a friend of a friend, or just someone you know or even have seen somewhere.

Sure, why not? I'm not a snob when it comes to testing. A face is a face.

In fact, I'm willing to talk to any and all candidates if they contact me. Even if they dont quite fit into this shoot, who knows? They may be perfect for something else I'm planning down the road. Want to be a casting agent? Here's your chance...

I appreciate everyone's help! It takes a village. Feel free to contact me here on my site. Thank you!

As always, your comments and suggestions are more than welcome!