GALLERY - Pulp, Pinups, and Beyond!
This is my baby. The project I am putting most of my time, effort, passion, blood, sweat, and tears into. Pulp, Pinups, and Beyond! will consist of a series of figurative photographic illustrations (some with accompanying videos), and will be a parody - the themes loosely based on the overly dramatic, whimsical, and provocative portrayal of men and women on American movie posters, books, and magazine covers from the 1930s, 40s, and 50s.

Perhaps the best way to describe this concept would be surreal pop art done in a vintage style, with a racy or risqué element injected into many of the female roles. These seductive and often violence-implied images were used as artwork for things like of pulp fiction publications, men’s girly magazines, and film noire and science fiction movie posters during that era.

This series will cleverly combine three of my main strengths: photography, graphic design, and humor.

Each individual idea will begin as a full-fledged photo shoot, meaning the talent and styling team will be assembled much like any editorial fashion shoot. The in-camera capture will serve as a starting point for heavy post-production.

I'll transform the original shot into its final form, perhaps adding background or props, maybe combining characters from separate images, and eventually overlaying book cover or magazine masthead and text in a funny way.

The possibilities are endless...

What I need
MODELS - This project will use character casting, plain and simple. I have many different roles for many different types of people. Some will be beautiful, some sexy, some scary, some funny, some creepy, etc. And as with all casting, what's important is whether you fit visually into the concept I'm shooting.

Oh, and keep in mind, if I really want to work with you, I may just come up with an idea or character specifically to suit your look or personality!

NUDITY: As of now, the series, though sexy, is PG-13. Some of the female characters will require a great face, with less emphasis on showing skin. Others will be pushing out of tight sexy clothes like vintage bras, gowns, corsets, or swimsuits, but in way you'd expect from pulp fiction and retro pinups. Still others may require implied nudity, clothing or arms/hands strategically held to cover being topless, where nothing naughty shows in the final picture.

PLEASE NOTE: the show’s pieces will refrain from any obvious visuals that depict women as actual victims or being submissive in an abusive or demeaning way (something that was quite prevalent in the art back then, but certainly would be frowned upon today).

I will instead focus on the strength or “empowerment” of the female subjects of my photos, whether that means showing a beautiful super heroine furiously fighting evil villains, a sultry private detective getting the drop on some lowlife thugs, a sexy pinup showing her support and patriotism for our servicemen, or a fantasy space goddess battling alien monsters with a sidekick robot.

Like most of my shoots, styling will be as crucial to our sucess as the modeling talent, in this case maybe more so, as I'm looking to recreate vintage looks that must be absolutely authentic. Fashion (wardrobe) stylists